Vegetable Falafel

Falafel is primarily preferred as delicatessen and made of fried bean or pea that is mashed, herbs and spices (in order to make falafel tastier we add some vegetables in our establishment). Indeed, its origin is Egypt and today it belongs to the cuisine of Near East and partially Middle East and North Africa. Falafel is normally served with crushed sesame seeds, sesame sauce and various fried vegetables and “pide” (a pizza like bread). It can be eaten as delicatessen or within a “pide” just like Döner kebab together with vegetables and salads.
Falafel was presented in Germany towards the end of 1980's, served as a vegetarian alternative to Turkish Döner kebab in Arabian restaurants and fame of the falafel has been growing steadily in the remaining parts of the EU countries. Falafels of Ozan have been produced and marketed to many EU countries in many variations such as vegetable falafel, spinach falafel, etc.


Contents: Chick Pea (65 %), Broccoli (15 %), wheat farina, bread chips, (flour, water, salt, ferment), onion, mash, vegetable, sesame, pasteurized protein, parsley, spice, vegetables, salt, baking powder (Baking material: E 450, E 500, Separators: Calcium carbonate, corn starch).

Vegetable Falafel

  • Electric Fryer:

    Take out necessary amount of falafel from deep freeze and leave it for melting for 10 minutesPre-heat electric fryer to 180°CCook falafels in electric fryer for 3-4 minutes. (You can do the same in a pan [with sufficient OIL])

    1. Oven:

    Take out necessary amount of falafel from deep freeze and leave it for melting for 10 minutes.Pre-heat electric fryer to 200°C. (Electric oven: 200°C - Fan oven: 180°C)Put falafels onto middle part of the oven and cook for 5 minutes.

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